Welcome to Langdon Art Conservation, LLC


Located in central Illinois, we offer a wide range of services to conserve and protect art and artifacts. From ethnographic collections to family heirlooms, everything benefits from the expert care of a conservator– let us help your treasures! 

We specialize in art objects and archaeological materials.

Cleaning "Driving to the End of the World: Sheik" by Thornton Dial.

Cleaning Driving to the End of the World: Sheik by Thornton Dial.

Photo by Hadley Fruits. Courtesy of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Our Services Include

Conservation treatment // Condition assessment // Collections surveys // Rehousing

Archaeological site conservation // Scientific and curatorial research  

Public speaking & advocacy // Custom art and design // Much more...

What is Conservation?
Most simply, conservation is the preservation, repair, and prevention of deterioration
of the world's material cultural heritage.
Conservators are trained in studio art, art history, chemistry, and have graduate training and significant practical experience in conservation to enable them to make the best decisions for the art and artifacts in their care. All conservation decisions are based on a code of ethics and guidelines for best practice.
See About Conservation for more information.